Perseus The Invincible; Medusa Against The Son Of Hercules

2346. PERSEUS THE INVINCIBLE (Medusa Against The Son Of Hercules) (1965-ltaly). The mighty sons of Hercules were “heroes supreme” who “roamed the earth righting wrongs, helping the weak and oppressed and seeking adventure.” Perseus called himself a “simple commoner” accustomed to living alone in the mountains. This action-packed adventure follows our hero’s plight as he finds himself romantically involved with the beautiful Princess Andromeda (whom he describes as “a woman I should never dare to love,” dare we describe her as “nebuÂlous?”) and immersed in a conflict between two rival domains. The peaceful one wishes to carve out a safe trade route to the sea. An expedition which sets out to establish this route ends in chaos and death at the hands of its warlike adversary. Its members first endure a savage surprise attack and then find themselves confronted by the most horrible and dangerous opponent of all: the hideous Medusa, a monster-like creature which resembles a walking tree slump with worms protruding from its bottom and dead branches sticking out of its top. At the center of the Medusa is a shining eye. Never for an instant look into this eye. Anyone who does will quickly turn to stone. You just know that Perseus will be fated to go one-on-one with the Medusa. When that moment comes, watch out! Dubbed in English. 82 minutes. Sword and Sandal