Phantom Creeps, The

1105. THE PHANTOM CREEPS (1939-USA). With BELA LUCOSI, REGIS TOOMY. Bela Lugosi is in top form as mad scientist Dr. Alex Zorka. He’s an arch villain who has control of a mysterious power in the form of a meteorite, obtained from the jungles of Africa and stored in his laboratory vault. With magnetized discs and a magic ray from the meteorite’s force, he can suspend animation and become invisible. “Working along lines contrary to mankind,” Dr. Zorka and his incompetent assistant Monk (“Don’t let them send me back to Alcatraz!Ó) work hard to conquer the universe. A giant robot, one of Zorka’s finest creations, overpowers any forces of good that get in Zorka’s way. The PHANTOM CREEPS is a corker of a movie! Let’s give credit to the writer who had a wonderful imagination (Willis Cooper, who achieved fame on radio as creator of LIGHTS OUT and Quiet PLEASE). Unfortunately, the producer didn’t have a budget to match! Dr. Zorka’s laboratory is a concoction of cardboard and paper-mache. His most impressive tool of evil is a cheap metallic belt that smokes. The all-powerful ray gun is a water pistol in disguised. THE PHANTOM CREEPS is an old-fashioned Saturday matinee thriller. As the police, scientists, U.S. Army Intelligence, an international spy ring and one pretty reporter try to stop Dr. Zorka from gaining control of the universe, the gimÂmicks and plot turns become more and more creative. If THE PHANTOM Creeps is poor in budget, it is rich in comedy, suspense and good wholesome entertainment for the whole family! 80 minutes. Featurized Serial