Phantom In The House, The

2456. THE PHANTOM IN THE HOUSE (1929-USA). With RICARDO CORTEZ, HENRY B. WALTHALL. Henry Walthall made movie history as the courageous “Little Colonel” in the silent epic “The Birth Of A Nation.” In this compelling drama of a man who goes to prison to protect his wife, the gentlemanly actor plays a character very much in the style of the Colonel. He is an inventor named Boyd Milburn. In order to make connections for his business, his attractive and ambitious wife Peggy plays up to a man of importance. When the man makes advances, she kills him. Boyd is the first person to reach the scene of the crime. To shield his wife and small daughter, he covers for Peggy and subsequently is sentenced to life in prison. Fifteen years later Boyd is paroled. He returns home to find that Peggy has prospered by patenting his inventions under her own name. Boyd is numbed to learn that Peggy has become “cold, vain and mercenary.” Apparently her desire to climb the social ladder takes preference over any feelings she ever had for Boyd and their now-grown daughter Dorothy. Peggy believes Dorothy should marry for a title and wealth, and disapprove of her impending nuptials to young businessman Paul Wallis. Then a new murder occurs, threatening ruination yet again for the inventor and his family. This is a deeply moving drama in which Walthall offers a subtle yet strong performance. 59 minutes Melodrama