Phantom Of Chinatown

1999. PHANTOM OF CHINATOWN (1941-usa). WITH Keye Luke, Lotus Long, GRANT WITHERS. This clever mystery is the sixth and final film in a series featuring the ever-resourceful San Francisco-based Oriental detective James Lee Wong. It opens with news that noted archeologist Dr. John Benton has recently returned from an expedition to the Mongolian desert where he and his party discovered the secret of the “Temple Of Eternal Fire.” While exploring, secret tomb within the temple, which supposedly is cursed, Benton found and took possession of an ancient scroll. The archeologist can barely contain his enthusiasm as he lectures on the find and screens footage filmed during the trip. While talking, he innocently takes a drink of water from a pitcher. Before he can clear his throat, he keels over. It is assumed that Benton has collapsed from overwork. The fact is that he has been poisoned, and before you can say James Lee Wong he is pronounced dead. Wong, played by young Keye Luke (replacing Boris Karloff, cast as the character ii the earlier films), comes onto the scene. The suspense begins to mount when it is discovered that this scroll has been stolen from the safe in which it had been stored. A supposedly dead man turns up alive, while another character joins Benton as a corpse. Daggers fly through the air, landing inches from Wong’s throat. Secrets are uncovered which have international consequences. In the end, it will be up to the crafty Wong to remain a step ahead of the cops and the guilty parties as he struggles to determine who murdered the doctor and why the scroll was stolen. 61 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense