Pin-Down Girls; Racket Girls

2256. RACKET GIRLS (Pin-Down Girl) {1951-USA). With ciara mortensen, (ÒWorld Champion Wrestler”), RITA MARTINEZ {‘Champion Of Mexico”), TIMOTHY FARRELL, PEACHES PAGE. Famed exploitation film producer GEORGE WEISS (not to be confused with the New York Yankees and Mets general manager) sure made some hilariously awful movies in his time. Here is one of his absolute worst: a gloriously goofy melodrama about a sleazy wrestling promoter named Scalli (played by an actor named Timothy Farrell with all the charisma of an overcooked noodle). Scalli owns the contracts of various women wrestlers and runs a gym where the athletes work out. However, this business serves as a front for his big-time book making operation. Scalli’s days as a powerbroker are numbered when he gets In hot water with a hoodlum known as “Mr. Big,” who is hiring away his employees and attempting to shake him down for $35,000. Furthermore, a governÂment crime commission has called Scalli as a star witness. In the midst of all the mayhem, there is ample footage of a bevy of dazzling wrestling beauties working out at Scalli’s gym and sexy wrestlers Mortensen and Martinez smacking each other around the ring. Along the way Scalli purchases the contract of one Peaches Page, a dumb blonde clichŽ with breasts the size of watermelons. You’ll get to see Peaches strip down as she changes into her wrestling togs in the locker room, and you’ll also peek in on other lady wrestlers discreetly undressing. Lest you forget that you are watching anything less than the highest quality exploitation fare, bear in mind that this was “produced under the personÂal supervision of George Weiss,” 67 minutes. Exploitation Drama