Planets Against Us

2278. PLANETS AGAINST US (1961-France-Italy). A private airplane crashes in the Sahara Desert. All on board are reported killed. Among the casualties are a noted physicist and his son, whose body mysteriously disappears. Several months later a series of catastrophes occur on the same day. A Titan rocket explodes five minutes before its planned launching at Cape Canaveral. A similar disaster transpires at a testing site in Russia. A fire destroys an atomic installation in Nevada and a British spacecraft is demolished. Photographic evidence exists that the same man was observed at each location just prior to the respective calamities. However, it would be impossible for him to travel from one location to the next in so short a time. Furthermore, there is proof that this man bears a startling resemblance to the physicist’s son! He next shows up in Rome where he is picked up by an alluring and promiscuous female artist who feels she must paint his portrait. She sees a “mysterious world” in his face and tells him she wants to unlock and solve those mysteries. So begins this thoroughly creepy and riveting sci-fi horror film. As the story unfolds you will see up close and first-hand how this strange man truly is “a terrible menace to everybody in the world.” One thing more: You can look at him but you’d better not touch…Dubbed in English. 84 minutes. Science Fiction