Playhouse 90

2668. PLAYHOUSE 90 (October 2, 1958-USA) CBS-TV. “Days Of Wine and Roses” with PIPER LAURIE, CLIFF ROBERTSON, CHARLES BICKFORD, NORMAN ROSE. What ended as Hollywood triumph and an Academy Award for the theme song, started here as an original teleplay by J.P. MILLER. Directed by JOHN FRANKENHEIMER, this beautifully done production (the second show of the season), helped the series win an Emmy that year for “Best Dramatic Series.” This is the story of Joe Clay, a successful businessman who meets Kirsten at an office party, marries her and celebrates life with a few drinks. There are far too many drinks, however, and Kirsten is also no stranger to the bottle. A baby comes, but so does a demotion and a faster slide downhill. The set design is most eloquent. Rock bottom finds Joe in a straightjacket, but willing to begin the long trip up. By using an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as a unifying theme (Norman Rose is delightful as a drunk), the production makes excellent use of live television. The superb story and top-notch performances by all certainly help. Recommended. 78 minutes. Live TV Drama