Prehistoric Women

1770. PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1950-usa). Color. WITH laurette luez, allan nixon. “Nobody knows when these events took place. Maybe 10,000-maybe 100,000 years ago. It’s the story of romance, when the world was young…” Young indeed, as you’ll see in this hot-and-heavy-and hilariously funny-cavegirl-meets-caveboy opus. The setting Is a lush, wild tropical jungle, with the scenario detailing the plight of a bevy of beautiful, scantily-dad Miss America types living in prehistoric times (and who, via movie magic, have their hair permed and even wear make-up!). Under the spell of the full moon, they “dance restlessly, savagely, impelled by a feeling of frustration, of a promise unfulfilled.” This is because they are young, their hormones are raging, and they have no men. Years before, their mothers revolted against their brutish fathers, running off with them into the wilds and establishing their own society. Now, these cavegirls have grown to womanhood; unlike your average member of the “weaker sex.” they are as tough as the mightiest of men as they fend for themselves in the jungle. Still, they do sense the need for male companionship, so they setoff in search of some loincloth- clad hunks. As the story unfolds, a narrator helpfully translates all the characters’ grunts and mumbles. Among their names are Tigri, Engor, Lolee, Nika, Kana, Tana, Cuaddi, Tribal Leader, and Wise Old Lady- so you know that you’re not in for an hour-plus of Shakespeare. 73 minutes. Adventure