Presidant Fights The Japs, And Dirt, The

1. RECOGNITION OF THE JAPANESE ZERO FIGHTER (1943-U5A). With RONALD REAGAN, CRAIG STEVENS. This time-capsule is a World War ll U.S. Army Air Force training film, the purpose of which was to assist American flyers in both learning to recognize the Japanese “Zero,” manufactured by Mitsubishi in case you’ve forgotten, and understanding the importance of doing so quickly and accurately. What makes it extra-special is the appearance of our president-to-be as Lt. Jimmy Saunders, an eager-beaver young pilot who comes to see that he’d better know how to spot a Zero before the man in the Zero’s cockpit spots him. The film is “dedicated to the flyers who are helping to make the total number of Zeros…zero.” Reagan, by the way, was an Army Air Force captain. This is one of a number of World War II training films in which he appeared.
2. BORAX SPOTS (1960s-USA). With RONALD REAGAN, PATRICIA DAVIS. Sit back, relax, and laugh , yourself silly over this trio of vintage television commercials in which Ronnie (assisted in one by daughter Patty) hawks a variety of Borax products. He informs us, “Just a dab of Boraxo waterless hand cleanser removes the toughest dirt and stains, anytime, in the workshop, camping, on the road, anywhere. Without water. Real convenience.” Spoken like a true future president! 23 minutes total. Propaganda