Pride Of the Bowery

369. PRIDE Of THE BOWERY (1940-USA). WITH the east side kids (leo gorcey, bobby JORDAN, DAVID GORCEY, et al.). It’s The East Side Kids vs. The New Deal-guess who wins? The pride Of the Bowery is Muggs Maloney (Leo Gorcey), a feisty fighter with ambitions to be boxing champ. When he insists on training in the country, his pals hoodwink him into joining she Civilian Conservation Corps! At first, Muggs thumbs his nose at the CCCs military-like discipline, and engages in brawls with his superiors. Eventually, though, he learns that conforming to the establishment has its rewards, which include the captain’s pretty daughter. Complications set in when another kid steals the captain’s money, and Muggs hoping to cover up the crime-wins an equivalent amount Of cash by going the distance in a grueling boxing match. Unfortunately, Muggs is himself accused Of the theft, and has to fight in and out Of the ring before everything is resolved. Fast-moving, lively entertainment, demonstrating that even the tough East Side Kids are no match for the forces Of FDR! 60 minutes. Drama