Prison Shadows

2363. PRISON SHADOWS (1936-usa). WITH Eddie Nugent, Joan Barclay, Monte BLUE. From its neat opening shot right on through its thrilling finale, this boxing drama combines solid ring action with a diverting whodunit. Gene Harris is a promising young pugilist with a bombÂshell of a right hook. He is a crowd favorite who exhibits a fierce determination to win in the ring. However, Gene’s most recent bouts have not been in Madison Square Garden. His athletic battleÂground is a makeshift one, in a penitentiary. While in the ring three years earlier Gens had accidenÂtally kilted a boxer named “Rough House” Sweeny. He was convicted of manslaughter and carted off to prison, and is just about ready to be paroled. Gene remains haunted by Sweeny, especially when he is set to throw a finishing punch at an opponent. Still, he intends to continue his career on the outside because the fight game is “the only thing I know.” Once a free man, Gene must contend with problems, which reach far beyond training for his next bout. His girlfriend has been two-timing him for his shifty manager, who schemes to exploit his past by marketing him as “Killer Harris.” He is oblivious to the fact that another, nicer girl has fallen in love with him. Finally, something surely is amiss when Gene’s first post-prison opponent, “Dynamite” Murphy, also dies after their fight. Are his punches that deadly? Or is there another more sinister reason why a fight against Gene Harris is akin to a one-way ticket to the morgue? 66 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense