Prisoner Of Corbal, The; Marriage Of Corbal, The

1922. THE PRISONER Of CORBAL (The Marriage Of Corbal) (1936-Engiand). With NILS ASTHER, HUGH SINCLAIR, HAZEL TERRV, NOAH BEERY. The Reign Of Terror, followÂing the French Revolution, is without doubt one Of the grimmest times in all history. Out Of desperaÂtion, the citizenry had come together and overthrown their corrupt king. Louis XVI, resulting in the establishment Of the first French Republic. In the disarray Of revolution, however, a group Of dastardly dictators had seized power, and were ruling by terror – and the guillotine. Such is the setting Of this lusty, colorful, provocative period drama. Cleonie is an innocent young aristocrat who is rescued from certain death on the guillotine by a subtly evil revolutionary Officer who has fallen in love with her. Citizen Deputy Varennes (Nils Asther, urbane, romantic silent screen star who continued his career at the advent Of sound). Varennes disguises Cleonie as his nephew, and they escape Paris and proceed to Corbal, a French province. Prior to the revolution, the province had been under the domain Of the beloved Marquis Of Corbal, a humanist who is fool enough to think that Varennes and his ilk are human beings. The fact that Corbal is an aristocrat is enough for the Citizen Deputy to demand his head. While Varennes is determined to have Corbal sentenced to death on the dubious charge Of “harboring counter revolutionary sentiments,” you can bet that he will be even more disÂpleased when Corbal and Cleonie become romantically involved. The scenario is sparked by plenty Of sexual innuendo, as the virtue Of the beautiful Cleonie is constantly at risk. Hazel Terry, the pretty young actress who plays her, even gets to frolic in a nude swim! 72 minutes. Historical Drama