Private Life Of Henry VIII, The

565. THE PRIVATE LIFE Of HENRY VIII (1933-EngIand). With CHARLES LAUGHTON MERLE OBERON, EISA LANCHESTER, ROBERT DONAT, BINNIE BARNES, WENDY BARRIE, JOHN LODER EVERLEY GREGG. Directed by ALEXANDER KORDA. Art direction by VINCENT KORDA. Charles Laughton was, for decades, one Of Hollywood’s great, legendary character actor-stars. He did, however, appear in films made in his native England, and he Offers a truly astonishing performance as the title monarch in this British-made extravaganza. His Henry VIII is a colorful, lusty, vain-and completely intriguing-character, and the actor most deservedly earned his only Academy Award for this performance. The scenario Offers an inside look at the king, and spotlights his relationships with five Of his six wives: Anne Boleyn (Merle Oberon, looking especially lovely); Jane Seymour (Wendy Barrie); Anne Of Cleves (Elsa Lanchester, who was Laughton’s wife); (Catherine Howard (Binnie Barnes); and Catherine Parr (Everley Gregg). The film is technically sumptuous, with Vincent Korda’s opulent sets worthy Of special note. It also is Of historical importance as Alexander Korda’s initial successful British production, as well as the first British film to be a major success in American movie houses. 92 minutes. Drama-History