Private Snuffy Smith

1599. PRIVATE SNUFFY SMITH (1942-usa). WITH bud duncan, edgar Kennedy, sarah padden, J. FARRELL MACDONALD. This is the first Of a short, sweet series featuring the comic antics Of Snuffy Smith, hillÂbilly hero Of the well-known cartoon strip. Snuffy, a dumpy little fellow whose bulbous nose seriously rivals the size Of his face, is perfectly happy to pass his days sleeping under a tree, working his liquor still, and shooting at squirrels and “revenooers.” Edgar Kennedy, master Of the slow bum, is cast as one Of the tax collectors whom Snuffy has been making a monkey out Of for months. It’s (he dawn Of World War II, and all patriotic Americans under middle age are enlisting in the military. Kennedy switches from Internal Revenue Agent to United States Army Sergeant and, to his chagrin, finds that one Of his charges is none other than Snuffy Smith, army private. With Snuffy in the Army, it’s a wonder how we ever won the war-particularly when he becomes an innocent accomplice in a plot by some Fifth Columnists to pilfer a newly invented range finder. Sarah Padden and J. Farrell MacDonald ham it up as, respecÂtively, SnuffyÕs ever-so-slightly overweight wife and his commanding general. 65 minutes. Comedy