Producer’s Showcase

2035. PRODUCERS’ SHOWCASE (May 30,1955-USA). NBC net. “The Petrified Forest” by Robert E. Sherwood. With HUMPHREY BOGART, LAUREN BACALL (their dramatic TV debuts!) HENRY FONDA, PAT HARTMAN, JACK KLUGMAN, JACK WARDEN. Directed by DELBERT MANN. One of the high points in the history of television! A live TV masterpiece with a cast to do the famous film proud (Bogart recreates the role he created in the 1936 film, Lauren Bacall replaces Bette Davis and Henry Fonda plays the part originally portrayed by Leslie Howard). Bogie’s twenty years older, but as menacing as ever. An escaped killer threatens the denizens of a seedy cafe out west in the middle of nowhere. This was what live television was all about. Highly recommended! 75 minutes. Live Television Drama