Puss ‘N Boots

2990. PUSS ‘N BOOTS (1961-Mexico). The classic and beloved children’s fable is brilliantly adapted to the screen in this action-packed and tune-filled musical extravaganza. It is set in a mythical kingdom which has been taken over by a sadistic and all- powerful ogre who has been forcing the now-defenseless king to pay tribute to him. The monarch has thus been looted of all his material possessions. Now the ogre wants to strip him of his pride and joy, that which is most precious to him: his young daughter, a little princess who will be given in marriage to the ogre’s son. Will the princess be thrust into this horrible fate? Not if a young boy named Randy has anything to say about it. Randy is a shepherd who happily watches over his sheep in a meadow and happens to be on the scene when the ogre demands that the king hand over the princess. Also playing a key role in the story is the title character, a heroic and magical cat whose antics are a special delight! The film is loaded with colorful and cleverly devised character, both human and animal, along with some nifly trick photography. Caution: This is a black and white print of a film originally released in color. Dubbed in English. 86 minutes. Muscial Children’s Adventure