Queen Of The Jungle

1174. QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE (1935-USA). With MARY KORNMAN, REED HOWES. Youngsters Joan Lawrence (played by Mary Kornman, one of the original “Our Gang”) and David Worth are childhood playmates. One day, Joan is accidentally cast off in a hot-air balloon, which lands deep in the heart of Africa- where the Mongula River enters the Tangiki Mountains. The natives of a strange and savage tribe revere her as the Daughter of the White God, and she grows up to become a title monarch. David, of course, is also now older (and is portrayed by Reed Howes, the famous “Arrow Collar Man” of the early 1920s and one of the silent cinema’s most attractive heroes, who later became a popular villain in Westerns and serials). After years of searching, David finally finds JoanÑand he quickly learns that, where the Queen of the Jungle is, trouble cannot be too far away. There are plenty of highÂlights: See the natives perform a ritual dance, in which they hop around as if they are constipated! Hear the Chant of the Safari Boys (not to be mistaken for the Yacht Club Boys or Beach Boys)! Observe the secret of radium, which is guarded by Kali, high priest of the temple of Mu, who is threatened by David and Joan and will do all in his power to destroy them! Finally, see Joan’s reaction to her first adult kiss! Add to all of this some incredibly stilted acting and dialogue, and the result can only be a laugh riot. 85 minutes. Featurized Serial