Radar Men From The Moon

1965. RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON (1952-USA). 12 Episode Republic Serial. With GEORCE WALLACE, ALINE TOWNE, CLAYTON MOORE. Creative special effects, along with nonÂstop action and oodles of explosions, gunplay, fisticuffs and other derring-do, spark this lively, campy serial. It is the dawn of the space age, and scientists on Earth have perfected a rocket that will allow man to journey to the moon. From the outset, it is clear that this will be no tranquil exploration. That is because the moon is inhabited by living creatures, who resemble earthlings and have learned the English language. Their leader, the treacherous Retik, has sent a small but deadly group of moon men to Earth, where they have been successfully carrying out a campaign of mass destruction. Utilizing a special ray machine to harness atomic activity on the moon, they have been razing oilÂfields, wrecking transmission lines, bombing office buildings and, most importantly, sabotaging our planet’s defensive systems. When the Earth has been sufficiently weakened, Retik plans to spearÂhead an invasion. Standing in his way is Commando Cody, Sky Marshall of the Universe: an intreÂpid, crime-fighting hero constantly called upon to don his special flying suit, which enables him to blast himself through the air and arrive just in the nick of time to thwart any and all villains. Cody leads an expedition to the moon, to find out if the attacks are indeed originating there and then determine how they might be stopped. As the serial unfolds, Cody will be forced to muster all of his resources and powers to figure out a way-any way-of halting his adversary, and preventing the invasion. 168 minutes. Serial