Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

3009. REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (1917-USA). With MARY PICKFORD. MARY is ideally cast in this beloved comedy-melodrama. She plays Rebecca Rowena Randall of Sunnybrook Farm, a mischievous young girl whose poor mother is saddled with the burden of raising seven children after being abandoned by her husband. Mrs. Randall also is struggling to pay off the farm’s mortgage. It is for this reason that Rebecca is taken in and adopted by her strict maiden aunts, Miranda and Jane Sawyer of Riverboro. Miranda in particular “has a heart which she uses for no other purpose than the pumping and circulating of blood.” She and Jane are totally unprepared for looking after the rambunctious Rebecca. The film is especially amusing as her girlish habits and pranks get the goat of her stern and humorless aunts. However, beneath her childish bravado Rebecca is a kindhearted and fair-minded individual. Her presence in Riverboro is fated to change the lives of its residents and bring new life lo the community. We see how Rebecca grows from girlhood to young womanhood. She will be forced to contend with the harsh realities of life as well as find true love in the person of an honorable and unspoiled young man named Adam Ladd. Pickford offers an expressive performance as Rebecca. After watching this heartwarming film, it will be clear why she was called “America’s Sweetheart.” “Silent” film with music score. 78 minutes “Silent” Drama