Red And The Black, The; Le Rouge Et Le Noir

2309. THE RED AND THE BLACK (Le Rouge Et Le Noir) (1954-France-italy). COLOR. With DANIELLE DARRIEUX, GERARD PHILIPE, ANTONELIA LUALDI. Directed by CLAUDE AUTANT-LARA. Based on the novel by STENDAHL. A lavish and vivid filming of Stendahl’s classic story of passion, ambition and conflict in 1830 France. This is the saga of Julien Sorel, a man of humble birth. From the outset of his life, he has been unwilling to accept his place in the world. The opportunistic Sorel remains steadfastly determined to rise above his origins and enter what the upper classes call “society.” At the outset of the story he is on trial for his life. How did this come to be? As Sorel awaits his fate, he thinks of his past. The scenario goes on to chart his roots as a laborer’s son and the manner in which he loses his soul while attempting to make a place for himÂself in a world governed by the elitist supporters of absolute monarchy. Stendahl’s point is to lake cynical jabs at the bourgeoisie, and director Claude Autant-Lara serves the material well. The dashÂingly handsome French film star Gerard Philipe will make female hearts swoon as Sorel while Danielle Darrieux and Antonella Lualdi are radiant in their respective roles as a mayor’s wife and a marquis’ daughter; two women who impact immeasurably on Sorel’s life. In French with English subÂtitles. 136 minutes. Historical Drama