Red House, The

344. THE RED HOUSE (1947-USA). With EDWARD G. ROBINSON, LON McCALLISTER, JUDITH ANDERÂSON, RORY CALHOUN, JULIE LONDON. Music by MIKLOS ROZSA. Produced by SOL LESSER. Written and directed by DELMER DAVES. First-rate suspense melodrama! What is the terrifying secret of the Red House? Hidden deep within the recesses of ominous Oxhead Woods, it jealously guards dark mysteries of a long buried past – mysteries of passion and brutality that threaten to emerge and shatter innocent lives. On a stormy, wind-swept night, a young man, Nate, ventures into the woods, only to become overpowered by sinister shadows and disembodied, blood curdling screams. Undaunted, he is fiercely determined to re-explore the forest, locate the legendary Red House, and unearth the secrets within. But first he must contend with a strange farmer (Edward G. Robinson, at his most frightening), who’s been haunted by the woods, the Red House and those screams for years, and who-jealously guarding some guilty secrets of his ownÑwill stop at nothing, including murder, to keep Nate from discovering the truth. As in Greek tragedy, the knotty, kinky family relationships and skeletons in closets within closets produce a volatile mixture that explodes in a tumultuously violent climax. The film is highlighted by atmospheric photography and a clever script with more twists and tangles than Oxhead Woods. And where would a delirious drama like this be without the haunting music of Miklos Rozsa? Made in an era saturated with frenzied, feverish. Freudian films noirs, this one still stands out! 96 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense