Reggie Mixes In

2192. REGGIE MIXES IN (1916-usa). WITH douglas Fairbanks, bessie love, alma REUBENS. Supervised by D.W. GRIFFITH. All-time-favorite Douglas Fairbanks stars in this divertÂing comedy-drama as Reginald Van Deuzen, a young man who is as wealthy as the sound Of his name. Reggie lives the life Of the idle rich. He sleeps until lunchtime. He is forever clowning. He has as his companion a comically inept but otherwise loyal manservant and is busy contending with a golddigger who has her eye on his bank account. Reggie’s life changes forever one day when he comes upon a lost child. He takes her to her home, located in one Of the seamier sections Of town. There he spies the pretty and demure Agnes (played by Bessie Love, then a petite teen-ager in just her second year as a screen actress). Reggie is told that Agnes is “a new dancer at Gallagher’s but she’s a good girl.” Gallagher’s is a rough-and-tumble dance hall whose patrons are a ragtag group Of goons and gangsters. Reggie is taken with Agnes and decides that he will be her protector. So he goes slumming, taking a furnished room near the dance hall. Pretty soon he is hired as Gallagher’s new bouncer, which gives him license to hang from chandeliers and brawl with anyone who might impugn Agnes’ virtue. Could these be the actions Of a man who is falling in love? “Silent” film with music score. 45 minutes ÒSilentÓ Comedy