Requiem For A Secret Agent

2691. REQUIEM FOR A SECRET AGENT (1965-Austria-Italy-France) COLOR. With STEWART GRANGER, DANIELA BIANCHI, PETER VAN EYCK, GEORGIA MOLL. International espionage is the theme of this slick and stylish tale filmed on location in exotic Tangiers. The exciting story features one of Hollywood’s most debonair movie stars. Handsome Stewart Granger plays a high-powered and highly paid soldier of fortune name John “Bingo” Merrill. To show just how rugged and fearless a globetrotter Merrill is, we see him as he lines his pockets with the precious family jewels paid to him by people, he successfully helps straddle the Berlin wall. However, Merrill’s new adventure may be his most challenging√Ďand possibly his final escapade! He is hired by an American secret service agency to combat a sly and unscrupulous group of third world mercenaries who are responsible for a number of horrific international incidents. He begins by attempting to sniff out a nemesis named Robeck, who is one of the world’s most menacing terrorists. While doing this, and finding himself neck-deep in danger, Merrill also manages to have plenty of time for romance! Granger’s immeasurable screen charm and the first-rate location shooting make this spine-tingling spy thriller a special treat. Dubbed in English. 105 minutes. Adventure