Return Of Chandu, The; Magician, The

712. THE RETURN OF CHANDU (THE MAGICIAN) (1934-USA). 12 Episode Principal Serial with BELA LUGOSI, MARIA ALBA, CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG, (see cat #599 for a featurized version of this serial). Followers of the Black Magic Cult of Ubasti plan to sacrifice the beautiful Princess Nadji, so that they may conquer the world! She is kidnapped to the Magic Island of Lemuria. Chandu and Betty and Bob (his niece and nephew) follow to do battle with the evil Priests of Ubasti. The High Priest of White Magic grants Chandu the power of invisibility, which he uses to rescue Bob from a huge sword swinging above his body. Using the power of the Great Yogi, Chandu triumphs over the forces of the Cult of Ubasti. 206 minutes. Serial