Return Of Draw Egan, The

1441. THE RETURN OF DRAW EGAN (1916-usa). WITH William S. Hart, Louise Glaum. Directed by Hart. Rough, tough Bill Hart stars as the title character, the rough, tough leader of an outlaw gang. The entire territory is on Draw Egan’s trail, and he and his men end up cornered in their cabin. After a furious gun battle, Draw manages to barely escape with his life. He ends up in Yellow Dog, a wide open Western village in which lawbreaking and disorder have too long been the rule. Draw has been persuaded by the town’s leading reformer to become sheriff. The new lawman (who’s, of course, concealing his true identity) brings respect for the law to Yellow Dog, and he even falls in love with the reformer’s daughter. All is well until his old comrade, Arizona Joe, arrives on the scene, conspires with a mean-spirited saloon gal (Louise Glaum), and threatens to expose the lawman’s past. This, obviously, will destroy all that Draw has accomplished. A dramatic, authentic depiction of the Western frontier that was as popular seventy years ago as it is intriguing today. Silent film with original organ score, correct projection speed. 64 minutes. Western