Revolt Of The Zombies

2036. REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES (1936-USA). With Dean Jagger. A mini-classic horror film, which chronicles the plight and fate of one Armand Louque (nicely played by Dean Jagger- with hair!). While an officer in the French army during World War I, Louque comes in contact with a regiment of French Cambodians who have been transformed into zombies. They are ideal fighters in that they are impervious to human feelings and fears as they march like automatons into battle. After the war Louque becomes part of an international archaeological expedition to Cambodia. Louque is transformed from wimp to tyrant as he comes to believe that a man must ruthlessly grab whatever he wants in life no matter the consequences. He visits a legendary lost city where he disÂcovers the secret of the “strange ceremony” which had converted the soldiers into zombies. This empowers Louque to make anyone he desires subject to his will. He correctly observes that he has “acquired a knowledge which will make me the most important man in the world.” Given his perÂsonality change, you know that he will be anything but benevolent in his use of that knowledge. This results in plenty of chills, and some effectively eerie sequences depicting the various characters as they are changed from mere mortals to ghouls. 62 minutes. Horror