Richard Nixon: Checkers, Old Glory, Resignation

1. OLD GLORY (c. June, 1957). A short talk from the lobby of the Chrysler Building in New York City, about the American Flag at an exhibit by the American Legion, presumably in honor of Flag Day.
2. CHECKERS (September 23, 1952). A full half hour paid political announcement on TV during the 1952 Presidential Campaign. Senator Nixon answers charges made that he misused campaign funds by detailing his assets and describing all the money he owes. Called the “Checkers” speech because of his reference to a cocker spaniel given to his daughters as a “campaign gift.” A master stroke of political demagoguery or adroit campaigning depending on your viewpoint. An apparently good idea, the charges against him were quickly forgotten. Note that Mr. Nixon stumbles over the word “integrity” at the start of the speech.
3. RESIGNATION (August 9, 1974). Kinescope of TV pool feed from the Oval Room of the White House. Mr. Nixon announces he will leave office tomorrow because “the country needs a full time President and a full time Congress”. Admits no wrong-doing, but says his “political support has eroded.” An interesting, brief look at the rise and fall of a President who’s certainty left his mark in history. 45 minutes total. Documentary