Ring Of Terror

2466. RING OF TERROR (1962-USA). Here is a creepy and diverting horror film that unfolds as cemetery custodian R.J. Dobson invites the audience “for a stroll down graveyard lane where beauty and love abide, and in death we are born to eternal life.” Dobson points out a gravestone marking the remains of one Lewis B. Moffitt, which features the words “I feared not.” He sounds exactly like “Criswell” from “Plan 9 From Outer Space!” Moffitt then is seen as a young medical student at a southern state university, where he becomes famed for his fearlessness. When a deadly rattlesnake crawls into his car, Moffitt remains composed as he attacks the reptile. When an unidentified corpse wearing a gold ring is unclaimed by family or friends, the medical students have their first authentic anatomy lesson. At the session, Moffitt is the only student who remains calm, while his classmates are sickened by the experience. However, Moffitt lives with a secret terror. A mysterious recurring nightmare plagues him, during which he cries out “Turn on the light!” This fear is destined to come to the surface when Moffitt pledges a fraternity. As part of his initiation, he must go alone to a crypt in the Raven Hill Cemetery receiving vault and take the gold ring from the finger of the cadaver. That’s when the screams and frights really begin! 64 minutes. Horror