2692. RlNGSIDE (1949-USA). With DON BARRY, TOM BROWN, SHEILA RYAN, LYLE TALBOT, CHESTER CLUTE, JOEY ADAMS, TONY CANZONERI. This pull-no-punches boxing drama tells the slory of the battling O’Hara brothers, talented pugilists who have chosen different career paths. Joe O’Hara is the hot one between the ropes. He has just knocked out his opponent and surely is headed for a title bout against reigning middleweight champion Tiger Johnson. Brother Mike’s interests lie elsewhere. He is Joe’s part-time sparring partner and a full-time concert pianist. Mike does not like to fight. He is more comfortable playing Chopin or boogie-woogie than belting around opponents in the ring. Trouble comes when it is discovered that Joe has injured the optic nerve in his left eye. Rest will be his best cure. However, Joe refuses to postpone his bout with Johnson. With the intervention of a shifty fight scene hanger-on named Swinger (who is played by real-life pugilist-turned-actor Tony Canzoneri), Johnson’s camp learns of Joe’s weakness. The champ exploits this in the ring during an unusually tough and brutal bout. The result: Joe not only loses the fight but his eyesight as well. In order to pay Joe’s hospital bills (as well as seek revenge against Johnson), Mike O’Hara exchanges his piano stool for boxing gloves. As he knows his brother would not approve, Mike fights anonymously under the name “Kid Cobra.” As he beats opponent after opponent, he clearly is headed in one direction: a title fight against the ominous Tiger Johnson. The extensive fight scenes are especially well-staged in this entertainingly hard-edged production. 62 minutes. Boxing Drama