Rink, The and The Immigrant

524. THE RINK and THE IMMIGRANT (191&, 1917-USAI. TWO 2-reeiers made for Mutual Film Corporation CHARLIE CHAPLIN featuring MACK SWAIN and EDNA PURVIANCE.
1. THE RINK (I916-USA). Starts with Charlie as a waiter in a restaurant where the laws Of sanitation and gravity are given only whispered lip service. Improbably switching to a local roller skating rink, the action continues with Charlie defending the honor Of Edna from the lecherous Mr. Swain. Chaplin’s almost unbelievable agility and grace on roller skates must be seen!
2. THE IMMIGRANT (1917-USA). Charlie is a newcomer to America, befriending a widow and the daughter whom he meets in Steerage. Their first adventures in the new land are a delightful portrait Of our country before the first War . . . And very funny! Silent films with music score, correct projection speed. 79 minutes total. Chaplin