Road To Lebanon, The

230. THE ROAD TO LEBANON (April 20, 19&0-USA). NBC-TV. With DANNY THOMAS, (in two roles), BING CROSBY, BOB HOPE, HUGH DOWNS, CLAUDINE AUGER, and SHELDON LEONARD as “Hamid the Story- teller.” An original musical comedy, Bing has decided to make a new “Road” picture, but without Bob Hope. As luck would have it, Danny Thomas is in Beirut to judge a beauty contest. Both Bing and Danny are kidnapped by a desert sheik and his beautiful ‘son,’ because one of Dann/s ancestors committed the unpardonable sin of getting a “nose job!” With plenty of original songs by Bing and Danny, the surprise (and uncredited!) appearance by Bob Hope, and even live camels on the set! The show has an elaborate and well written story- and it’s lots of fun too! A must for those who think: they’ve seen all of Bing and Bob’s “Road” pictures. 50 minutes. Musical Comedy