Roaring Road, The

1466. THE ROARING ROAD (1919-usa). WITH Wallace reid, ann little , theodore roberts. Directed by JAMES CRUZE. Wallace Reid was one Of Hollywood’s most popular and attractive leading men during the second decade Of the century. He is, unfortunately, best remembered today not for his stardom. The actor began taking morphine after sustaining an in jury in a train wreck. He became addicted to the drug, and died in a sanitarium in 1923. However, when his fame was at its zenith, James Cruze directed Reid in a series Of romantic adventures, Of which The Roaring Road is a happy example. Reid stars as Walter Thomas Walden- better known as Toodles-a peppy car salesman who hankers to represent his company in a famous auto race. He tangles with his boss (a constantly flustered Theodore Roberts), and flirts with his girlfriend, who also happens to be the bossÕ daughter. Before the final reel, he does get to realize his dream-and then some. Watch for plenty Of action-packed racing footage to spice up the proceedings. Silent film with original organ score, correct projection speed. 57 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Car Race Drama