Robinson Cursoe Of Clipper Island

1575. ROBINSON CRUSOE OF CLIPPER ISLAND (1936-USA). 14 EPISODE REPUBLIC SERIAL. With MALA, REX (The Horse), BUCK (The Dog), MAMO CLARK. Grab some popcorn; pull up your most comfortable chair, and get set for this thrilling, chilling, mile-a-minute serial, one of the very first ever produced by Republic Pictures. The star is Ray Mala, a rugged actor who usually was billed only as “Mala”; his real name was Ray Wise, and he supposedly was a half-Jewish Eskimo! (And you thought you had problems!) He’s cast as a federal agent dispatched to a tiny Pacific island to investigate a dirigible crash. The fun begins as various shady individuals conspire to insure that Mala will never arrive at his destination. Once there, he’s forced to evade the clutches of restless, suspicious natives and the conspirators in an international spy ring headed by the mysterious, elusive “H.K.Ó Mala is ably assisted by a pair of four-footed friends: a horse named Rex, and a dog called Buck. Then there is Melani (beautiful Polynesian- born Mamo Clark), a native princess involved in the danger surrounding Mala. In the best tradition of the genre, this serial features non-stop action, a rousing music score, and spectacular special effects. 241 minutes total. Serial