Robot Vs. The Aztek Mummy, The

2794. THE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY (1959-Mexico). One would think that Ed Wood authored the introduction to this horror opus: “How far can the human mind penetrate the mysteries of the great beyond? Who knows! This picture is based upon an extra-ordinary experiment carried out by (two doctors) at the University of Los Angeles. There’s no doubt as to its authenticity. Testimony of people participating in the experiment sworn to by a notary public precludes the possibility of any fraud!” Actually, what follows this cornball opening is a genuinely creepy chiller. It is the story of an eminent psychiatrist who is convinced that individuals may be hypnotized into recalling details of their past lives. One of his volunteers reveals that centuries earlier she was a young maiden who had lived among the Aztecs. She had been deeply in love with a handsome warrior. However, it was her duty to preserve her virginity and be sacrificed to a god. The pair decided to run off together, but were quickly captured. As punishment, the warrior was buried alive and an eternal curse was placed on his soul. The maiden was adorned with a bracelet and breastplate on which were written hieroglyphics indicating the special hiding place of an Aztec treasure. Then her heart was cut out! In order to prove the validity of his experiment, the psychiatrist decides to conduct a search for the breastplate. Meanwhile, it is revealed that a psychotic master criminal known as Dr. Krupp had spied on the demonstration and learned of the treasure. What follows next will keep you glued to your chair! A sequel to “The Aztec Mummy” and “Curse Of The Aztec Mummy,” when released in the U.S., the firm was given the “seal of approval of the Young American Horror Club” (whatever that was!). Dubbed in English. 64 minutes. Horror