Rock Rock Rock

2564. ROCK ROCK ROCK! (1956-USA). With ALAN FREED, TUESDAY WELD, TEDDY RANDAZZO, THE MOONGLOWS, CHUCK BERRY, THE FLAMINGOS, JOHNNY BURNETT, LA VERN BAKER, FRANKEE LYMON and THE TEENAGERS. This delightful time capsule of the rockin’, sockin’ 1950s will have you tapping your toes and snapping your fingers in nostalgic delight. Tuesday Weld makes her screen debut as Dori, a young teen with a big problem. She has been spending too much of her allowance on ice cream and Elvis Presley records, and so her father closes her charge account at the local dress shop. Now Dori is unable to purchase a strapless evening gown for the high school prom! There are non-stop vintage musical performances introduced by legendary disc jockey Alan Freed, the man who coined the term “rock ‘n roll.” All are wonderful, but Berry especially brings down the house with his crisp vocals and slick stage moves. Handsome Teddy Randazzo plays Tommy, Dori’s dreamboat boyfriend who wins a talent contest and appears on Freed’s TV show, along with Berry and the other rockers. By the way, if Weld’s “singing” voice sounds familiar, that is because it has been dubbed by none other than CONNIE FRANCIS! This entertainment-packed musical is like a front-row seat at one of Freed’s famed rock ‘n roll shows at the old Brooklyn Paramount. 86 minutes. Rock and Roll