Romance Of The Railroads, The

2890. THE ROMANCE OF THE RAILROADS (1945-1955-USA) PARTIAL COLOR. Three of the best railroading films ever made. They capture the spirit, the drive and the excitement of what it was like during the “golden age” of modern railroading.
1. WHAT IN BLAZES (1955). Produced by The Pennsylvania Railroad. Fires aboard a locomotive are just as dangerous as fires aboard a boat or an airplane. This training film was made to teach the crews what kinds of fires they’re likely to face. What equipment is available to fight the fires and how to fight each type of fire. This gives us the chance to see excellent footage of locomotives (some of them on fire!) and real railroad men at work.
2. WHISTLES IN THE NIGHT (1945). Made for The American Association Of Railroads. This portrait of wartime passenger service can only be described as lyrical! Watch as 4 (yes, 4!) mighty steam engines roar down the tracks side by side! If ever the romance of riding the high iron was put on film, this was the film. In an age gone forever, this brings back those memories of “Whistles In The Night.”
3. NEW HORIZONS (1948) COLOR. Produced by The Seaboard Railroad, this film shows how a “modern railroad” serves its passengers and industry along its Southern routes. Using the color photography to its best advantage, we see the passing of the “old” era and the beginning of the new. It would be all downhill from here!
53 minutes total. Railroading