Rough Riders’ Round-Up

2915. ROUGH RIDERS’ ROUND-UP (1939-USA). With ROY ROGERS, MARY HART (LYNNE ROBERTS), RAYMOND HATTON, DUNCAN RENALDO. Everybody loves Roy Rogers, one of America’s all-time favorite singing cowboy movie heroes. He stars in this rip-roaring western adventure as a character called Roy Rogers, one of Teddy Roosevelt’s fabled Rough Riders. Roy, his pal Rusty and the other Rough Riders have just returned from Cuba and find themselves loyally defending their leader as he faces off against William McKinley in a presidential election. Roy and company then head for Arizona, where they are to become members of the U.S. Border Patrol. No sooner do they arrive than they learn that a nearby ranch has been raided. Cattle have been stolen, and their trail heads in the direction of the Mexican border, it sure smells like the work of “Arizona Jack,” a notorious bandit leader who knows the Southwestern desert like a coyote! This “Arizona Jack” has got to be stopped before he loots the entire border region. However, it’s impossible to run down a man whom nobody knows and nobody can even describe. U.S.-Mexican politics prevents the Patrol from dispatching a convoy into Mexico to track down the bandit. Still, you know that this minor technicality will not stop Roy and Rusty in their search for truth and justice-and their pursuit of not only “Arizona Jack,” but a pretty damsel-in-distress! 56 minutes. Western