Samson Vs. The Vampire Women

2300. SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN (1963-Mexico). Here is a truly creepy horror film, which opens, in an eerie mansion that seems to be long-abandoned and lifeless. A door creaks open. What emerges is shocking: a female vampire whose skin looks as if it is composed of crushed eggshells. She quickly is joined by her army of vampire women who seem to come out of the woodwork. All have been at rest for 200 years. “I must have beauty to fulfill my mission,” this vampire queen declares. Presto! She is changed into a radiant young woman who soon will set forth into the world. First she must raise from the dead the corpses of several muscular men who also have been at rest for two centuries and who will follow her as she does her bidding. Setting out in search of human blood, her primary aim is to capture the body and soul of Diana, a descendent of her sister. This must be accomplished on Diana’s 21st birthday, which just so happens to be the following day. What does Samson have to do with all this? Well, the Samson in question is not the mythological hero but a famed wrestler called “Samson The Silver Maskman.” His role soon will become apparent, if you have not yet screamed yourself into oblivion out of sheer terror. No kidding! Dubbed in English. 89 minutes. Horror