Santa Fe Trail

853. SANTA FE TRAIL (1940-USA). WITH Ronald Reagan, Errol Flynn, Olivia de HAVILLAND, RAYMOND MA5SEY, ALAN HALE, WILLIAM Lundigan, VAN HEFLIN, Guinn “Big Boy” WILLIAMS, john LITEL, CHARLES MIDDLETON. Music by MAX STEINER. It’s 1854, and seven West Point cadets are assigned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the last outpost of civilization before New Mexico. Actually, the story has little to do with the famous Santa Fe Trail, but rather John Brown’s insurrection in Kansas and later, his famous raid at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. The capture and hanging of John Brown is vividly portrayed. George Custer and Jeb Stuart are just cadets. Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan vie for the hand of fair Olivia De Havilland. An “A” western all the way. 110 minutes.