Scott Of The Antarctic

1969. SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC (1948-engfand). Color. WITH john mills, Derek BONO, CHRISTOPHER LEE. An engrossing, riveting drama of courage and fortitude which recounts every detail of the famous Last Expedition of arctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott. As Scott returns from his 1904 Antarctic excursion which has come to be down as his “Discovery Expedition,” he writes in his diary that he “only touched the fringe of things. I leave behind a whole continent, vast, mysterious and in hospitable and still for all intents and purposes unknown.” Scott is staunchly deterÂmined to try again to reach the South Pole. Four years later, he commences setting his plans in motion. He must first raises sufficient funding and then select the right mix of men for the trip. Scott also is intent on beating Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen to the Pole if only because he believes that, simply put, “an Englishman should get there first.” Among the principal members of his party are Wilson, newly married veteran explorer and Scientist; Oates, a cavalry officer who is more used to duty in India; Bowers, a burly adventure seeker; Taff Evans, a brawny sailor; and Teddy Evans, Scott’s second-in-command. All of the obstacles the men face during their arduous journey are vividly recorded as they contend with everything from bone-chilling cold to ferocious winds and blizzards. Will they reach the South Pole at all, let alone before Amundsen! Who will survive the expedition? Who will not? The answers to these questions are certain to prove to be not quite what you might think. 110 minutes. Adventure