See It Now

241. SEE IT NOW. “Automation.” (June 9, 1957-USA). CBS-TV. EDWARD R. MURROW narrating. A filmed exploration of how ‘automation” is changing the way America works and how computers and automatic machines are revolutionizing industry. WALTER REUTH ER (President of the UAW and vice-president of the AFl-CIO) voices his concern about workers being replaced by machines. A vice-president of Ford, an M.l.T. professor, unionized bakery workers in Philadelphia, and THOMAS J. WATSON JR., head ofl.B.M. (“Think”) express their views. An in-depth exploration of the beginning of the age beyond the Industrial Revolution. The computers are primitive by today’s standards, as ours will seem hopelessly old-fashioned 30 years from now. Ed Murrow helped to write the book on television documentaries. This intellectual exploration of a revolution that continues today is a prime example of his work. 82 minutes. Edward R. Murrow