Sergeant And The Spy

1836. SERGEANT AND THE SPY (1954-USA). WITH janis carter, richard ney
Stanley Gilchrist is an American GI stationed in Milan. He’s been hoping for a furlough to Paris, but instead is ordered by his gruff, manipulative commanding Officer to transport a top-secret letter to London. He and his pal, Hank, would rather be ogling the girls under the Eiffel Tower, Instead, they’re set to be stuck in London for a week, staring at paintings in staid British museums. Or so they think. While in a passenger terminal, Stanley picks up the wrong travel bag, one which is filled with women’s underwear. As he sets out to retrieve his own bag, in which he packed the letter, Stanley meets Gizelle, a glamorous mystery woman. As they chat, Stanley jokingly remarks that she resemÂbles “all the movie Mata Hari’s rolled into one.” He then finds himself enmeshed in a maze Of romance and intrigue in this clever tale which effectively veers from comedy to suspense, mystery to fantasy. 62 minutes. Drama