Shadow Of The Eagle, The

789. THE SHADOW OF THE EAGLE (1932-USA). 12 Episode Mascot Serial with JOHN WAYNE, PAT O’MALLEY, YAKIMA CANUTT, LITTLE BILLY (the midget). Who is the mysterious “Eagle”? Five officers of a large corporation are sent a warning: “You shot down “The Eagle” and stole his invention. His shadow has returned, prepare to pay!” Suspicion falls on ailing Nathan Gregory, owner of a carnival in financial trouble. But not only is Gregory innocent, he’s kidnapped by the Eagle! Stunt flying, motorcycle riding Craig McCoy (John Wayne) is determined to recover Nathan Gregory and reveal the Eagle’s identity. Radio controlled biplanes and all the trappings of carnival life add authenticity to a fine early sound serial. A few minutes of lip-synch loss in one of the middle episodes mars an otherwise excellent print. FORD BEEBE, who directed “Shadow of the Eagle” and who would go on to greater fame directing Flash Cordon and Buck Rogers serials, underplays the two fisted Wayne, making him into a strong silent type, an image later Wayne films would magnify. Echoes of another age live again in “The Shadow of the Eagle”! 226 minutes. Serial