Shamrock Hill

2088. SHAMROCK HILL (1949-usa). WITH peggy ryan, ray Mcdonald, trudy marshall, JOHN LITEL. Shamrock Hill is a very special place that exists almost everywhere. It is a place for people who believe in wishing wells and magic spells, where they can go to enjoy nature or indulge in their sweet fantasies. One particular Shamrock Hill is the focal point Of this congenial musical. A spunky and dreamy Irish lass named Eileen Rogan regularly goes there to sit and tell fairy stories to the local children, allowing them to “see things, magical things.” Eileen also believes in lepÂrechauns. As she passes her time atop Shamrock Hill, she actually sees them. So does the viewer. However, the other characters in the story do not. Trouble comes when a powerful and cynical businessman attempts to purchase Shamrock Hill, which is owned by the local municipality, to use as a site for the construction Of a television station. To the business magnate and his manipulative daughter, Eileen is just “a little nobody from across the tracks.” Nevertheless, our heroine is deterÂmined to thwart those plans. Along the way she becomes convinced that she will receive some speÂcial help from some very special little people. You don’t have to be Irish to love this sweet-natured film filled with good spirits and happy feelings. 62 minutes. Musical