She Demons

1165. SHE DEMONS (1958-USA). With IRISH McCALLA, TOD GRIFFIN. A fierce hurricane hits a small coastal town. A motor launch, which had been out on a cruise, gets caught in the storm, and its passengers end up stranded on a remote island. They includes media mogul’s mindless, spoiled, self-centered daughter (buxom, blonde-haired Irish McCalla), who’s at first more concerned with her lack of wardrobe than with the welfare of her companions McCalla looks great in short-shorts; among her more prominent lines are, “Give me some privacy while I undress.’ However, this island is no paradise. First, the party learns that it’s a bombing range. Next, they find some strange footprints. Finally, one of them is savagely murdered, It seems that they have stumbled onto an isle thatĂ•s inhabited by a tribe of sexy, modestly-garbed she demons, some Nazi agents, and a mad scientist a war criminal who commands his charges to “Shnell, idioten” and who has perfected a serum that transforms human beings into beasts. Produced on a budget of about $11.99, this Grade Z quickie is hilarious high camp. 68 minutes. Horror-Adventure