715. SHOCK (1946-USA). With VINCENT PRICE, LYNN BARI, FRANK LATIMORE, REED HADLEY. Janet Stewart arrives in San Francisco to rendezvous with her husband. She’s quite anxious, because she hasn’t seen him in several years: he had gone off to fight in World War II, and for quite a while had been missing in action. While in a hotel room awaiting her mate, she looks out a window- and observes a man, Richard Cross, murder his wife in a fit of anger. The fragile Mrs. Stewart is shocked into a trance-like coma, and is discovered in this state by her husband. A psychiatrist is cal led in to examine her- and he is none other than Richard Cross! So begins this eerie, well-written, expressionistically directed psychological thriller, with Price at his very best as the scheming shrink who’d been having an affair with his nurse, and whose wife had been refusing his demands for a divorce. Now, he has the only witness to the crime under his complete domination, and no one in the world suspects the truth. That is, all except for his lover Ð and she knows the truth. 66 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense