Short Films Of D.W. Griffith Volume IV, The

1. THE BURGLAR’S DILEMMA (1912-USA). With LIONEL BARRYMORE, ROBERT HARRON, LILLIAN GISH. This sterling early melodrama is a story of “the manipulation of the third degree” and “the fallacy of circumstantial evidence.” It tells of a man and his weakling brothers, and what happens after the latter becomes jealous as the former’s friends pay him a visit to help him celebrate his birthday.
2. THE SUNBEAM (1912-USA). This heart tugging tale of an adorable little girl’s adventures in a less-than-hospitable world is packed with raw emotion.
3. THE PAINTED LADY (1912-USA). With BLANCHE SWEET. “Oh, you must paint and powder to be attractive,” one sister tells another as she prepares to meet a group of men at a church picnic. She is the center of attention, while her sister (who refuses to wear make-up) is ignored. What follows is a pointed story about a hopeful love affair and a dastardly robbery scheme.
4. 0NE IS BUSINESS, THE OTHER CRIME (1912-USA). This deftly ironic tale opens with a newly married couple vowing to follow the straight path. However, the husband is unable to find work and the pair cannot pay their rent. Will poverty’s desperation lead him to be seduced by the lure of the easy dollar? 5. DEATH’S MARATHON (1913-USA). With BLANCHE SWEET, HENRY B. WALTHALL. This neatly devised mini-soap opera tells the story of two men who are partners in business and rivals in love. The object of their affection selects one over the other-but has she made the right choice? “Silent” films with music score. 73 minutes total. D.W. Griffith