Shot In The Dark

2129. SHOT IN THE DARK (1933-England), With JACK HAWKINS. It is a cold and stormy night a perfect night for a murder. As he rests in his bed, wealthy and aged Peter Browne tells his niece that he is paralyzed with a “fear of unseen sudden death.” Browne, you see, thinks that everyone around him is after his fortune. “They all want me to die,” he exclaims. “They want my money. My house I’ll see you all dead first.” Only Peter Browne himself is destined to be dead before the night is through. The coroner’s verdict is that he was responsible for his own demise. As a newspaperman observes, Browne’s death is “just an ordinary suicide.” Only the elderly and grandfatherly rector John Makeham knows otherwise. Makeham ever so innocently offers his services to Browne’s family a; they listen to A recording in which the deceased has verbalized his will. The reverend commences an investigation into the fate of Peter Browne, and you just know that he will prove himself as shrewd and crafty as he is gentle and soft-spoken. The result of it all is a crackerjack mystery crammed wilt surprises at every turn. 53 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense