Shower Of Stars

1181. SHOWER OF STARS (January 18, 1955-USA). CBS-TV. Sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation cars; ART GILMORE announcing. With host WILLIAM LUNDIGAN, BETTY GRABLE, ED WYNN, HARRY JAMES, and cast members from other Chrysler sponsored shows. From You Bet Your Life: GROUCHO MARX; from Make Room for Daddy: DANNY THOMAS, JEAN HAGEN; from That’s My Boy: EDDIE MAYEHOFF, ROCHALE HUDSON, GILSTRATTON Jr., frorn It’s a Great Life: WILLIAM BISHOP, MICHAEL O’SHEA. The whole show is just an excuse to introduce the cars of “The Forward Look,” and a large amount of time is spent showing the delights of the new cars, just before the era of the tail fin. Betty is delightfully leggy, Ed Wynn lives up to his billing as “The Perfect Fool” (he even misses a cue), Groucho’s vast talents are wasted, but the show is a fine example of big time variety on live TV. 60 minutes. Live TV Variety