Shriek Of The Mutilated

2577. SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED (1974-USA) COLOR. If you approach this truly weird horror film with just the right sense of humor and an empty stomach, you will be in for a most singular experience! Its original ads read, “A frenzied hunt for a hideous beast uncovers an evil cannibal cult, and death is the devil’s blessing.” Unintentional laughs will be your blessing as you sit through this grotesque scenario, which begins when a college professor takes four of his best students on a field trip to a wilderness site to track down the Abominable Snowman. As you will see, what they do uncover really is abominable! They first encounter clues of the furry monster’s existence. One by one, each of the students meets a grisly fate at the hands of the monster. Who will be next? Is their nemesis really what it seems? This is not the sort of movie to share with grandma after a pleasant family dinner. It is a veritable blood feast of slashing and murders and, yes, the degenerate and unholy practice of cannibalism. If a disembodied leg and a fillet of human flesh are your cup of tea, this gore fest just may be the celluloid banquet that you have been craving. 86 minutes. Horror